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Cvinger ink a deal with Extreme Management Group, Inc.

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

CVINGER, the Slovenian black metal legion with many details taken from death metal influences, has inked a deal with Extreme Management Group. CVINGER’s concept represents the last step on the journey of departing from fear, hate, love, humanity, conscience and all the emotions that misguide us with subjectivity and temptations which are our worst enemy and a gateway to self-destruction. The dissection of our weak body, for our soul, to become free of the human curse and to become the supreme being, to become God. Combined in interpreted in Slavic ancient paganism.

CVINGER have been transcending the European scene for the past decade, and are looking to move beyond the pale. The band said, “After a decade of existence once more, Cvinger is on the brink of a new chapter. It is with great pride that we announce that we are a member of Extreme Management Group EMG. Together we will conquer new highs and spread our music to an even wider audience.” Manager Mark Kloeppel said, “Primo black metal at its absolute purest form. Time to blast into the future.

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